General questions about parcels lockers

No! You can select different parcel lockers whenever you want to send or receive parcels. All you have to do is to enter the number and name of the parcel locker.

If you notice a problem at a parcels locker, you can contact our customer service department at 02 320 23 90.

Our customer database and our Internet servers comply with the most stringent security standards. We make it a point of honour to offer the best possible protection in terms of loss or fraudulent use of your data. We respect all standards relating to access, publication, modification or deletion of your data.

Some of our webshop partners define the delivery of a parcel in a Cubee parcel locker as a delivery in a postal point. If you cannot find it there, it is possible this particular webshop do not yet offer the delivery in a Cubee parcel locker. Please inform us by contacting our customer service department at 02 320 23 90.

Questions about receiving parcels

As soon as your parcel is delivered to your parcel locker, you’ll receive a text message as well as a confirmation e-mail. You’ll receive a reminder e-mail and text message 1 day later. And a final reminder e-mail and text message after 5 days.

Your internet provider may classify certain e-mails as spam. Check that our e-mail has not been redirected to your spam folder. If you are using your work e-mail address, contact your system administrator. Furthermore, and in the interests of security, you’ll always receive a text message to confirm the arrival of your parcel in your parcels locker.

You can come and collect your parcel within 5 calendar days of its arrival. On the 6th day it will be returned to sender and you will be informed by text message.

Do not open the parcel. Contact the Cubee customer service on 02 320 23 90 as soon as possible. We will quickly handle your complaint.

No, unfortunately, we cannot extend the storage period for your parcels.

Your parcel will be returned to sender. You will receive a notification by e-mail.

This can happen for 2 reasons:

  • – Unacceptably sized parcels (parcels that are too heavy or too big) are automatically redirected to the post office nearest to the parcels locker. You will receive a notification by e-mail and text message.
  • – Unauthorised parcels (cash-on-delivery parcels, registered deliveries, etc.) are also redirected to the post office nearest the parcels locker. You will also receive a notification.

Questions about sending parcels

You cannot stamp your parcels at the parcels locker. You must stamp them in advance, either at the post office, or by buying your labels directly online via 1 of our logistic partners.

Once your parcel is deposited in the parcels locker, you will receive a confirmation email. Once our logistic partners process your parcel, its barcode is scanned and you then receive a confirmation email as proof that your parcel has been deposited.

Sending a parcel to another parcels locker is possible. Buy a label via 1 of our logistic partners and put it on your parcel. As sender, you fill in the parcels locker information of the receiver. Be sure you have the correct information of this person (his name/address of his preferred parcels locker).
For e.g.:
Jan Smissen
Cubee De Brouckère
1000 Bruxelles

It is extremely unlikely that all of the parcels lockers are full at the same time. Should that be the case, your parcel will be delivered the next day.

It is important that you hold the barcode 15 cms in front of the scanner. If you hold it too close, the scanner cannot read the barcode. If after several tries, it still does not work, please contact our client service department (02 320 23 90).

Questions about returns

Yes, you can return a parcel. To do this you simply have to:

  • – wrap your goods in their original packaging;
  • – attach a return label that you received from the e-shop;
  • – place the parcel into the parcels locker of your choice;
  • – follow the instructions on the screen.